20 Innovative technologies used in trucks and SUVs – part 2
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11. AcuraWatch Self Controlled Package

Now Tesla has made a huge step forward – it systematically equips its own cars with various innovative developments. In particular, cars from Tesla are equipped with such combinations as detection of the nearest alley, collision avoidance, lane hold Assist, adaptive cruise control, “softening” the road. Each of these developments has huge potential in the future.

And if all of them can be combined into one aggregate, the car can go without the participation of the driver.

But the Tesla company is already conducting such experiments. According to preliminary estimates, a self-managed car will cost approximately $50,000. The same motorists, who do not trust the automatic aggregates very much, will be able to switch to manual operation.

12. Ford’s Blis Dead Territory Information Package

Beginning in 2017, Ford began to equip some models of cars with the so-called “dead territory” Blis. It is designed to help trailer drivers avoid collisions with vehicles that are out of sight when rebuilding to another lane. In other words, this function provides the motorist with comprehensive data relating to cross traffic.

This set operates within a radius of 10 feet (just over 3 meters), which is quite enough for the driver to be able to take the right answer.

13. Ford’s ergonomically designed bodywork…

The boot lid, which comes with the new F-150, is much larger than its “predecessors” installed on previous models of trucks. To please the motorists, Ford has created a new design of the tailgate. Thanks to it, drivers now will not need to spend a lot of effort to open or close the body.

In addition, engineers have equipped the door with an ergonomically designed folding ladder. Unfortunately, it will not be able to complement the old trucks, but owners of the new pickup trucks from Ford will be able to fully enjoy this simple yet ergonomic design.

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14. Adaptive Cruise Control with Brake Assist function from Ford

This development was recently introduced. It is now available for many trucks and SUVs. The adaptive cruise control function that Ford has created uses radar to monitor traffic.

It has a range of 600 feet (approximately 183 meters). While the system is active, it adjusts the speed of the vehicle to maintain a safe distance to the nearest vehicle. At the same time, it takes into account current weather conditions.

In contrast to the first assumptions of the totality, the current development allows to ignore stationary objects on the road. For example, different road symbols.

15. Chevy’s Mylink.

I have to go and say that this development is not new, it is already being used by some machine manufacturers. As for Mylink, Chevy is equipped with this set of SUVs, trucks and machines. The only exception is the Cadillac.

Mylink allows you to integrate a motorist’s mobile device with his car. This set supports most modern smartphones. It allows you to transfer MP3 files via Bluetooth, play different applications, etc. In addition, Mylink is also compatible with the iPhone, which includes a feature such as “Siri Hands Free”.

It allows you to manage your car with voice commands.

16. MMI navigation totals from Audi

For some reason, everyone is sure that Audi produces only excellent cars. Despite the fact that it sells good crossovers with SUVs. In most cases, they are equipped with an improved set of MMI navigation, based on touch-screen development. It represents an unusual “brain center” of the vehicle, giving its owner access to music, navigation applications, etc.

Especially for it was created an operating system that supports protocols of voice commands, other elements and the touch control panel of the machine. The latest version is compatible with Bluetooth streaming and provides a wi-fi access point to the jeep.

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17. Honda Ridgeline universal bodywork

for many years, all pickup trucks had a load-bearing body. After that, they were equipped with a complete body. And finally, the Honda company decided to bring this development to the truck. It created a metal box, which makes both the body and the trunk functions.

In addition, Honda equipped the truck with free rear suspension. This allowed to improve the running characteristics of the truck. The only drawback of this technology is that the towing performance and payload of the truck has deteriorated.

However, these are just little things. Almost all motorists liked development from Honda.

18. Speakers from Honda.

For those motorists who love parties outdoors, Honda has created another unique development. It has equipped the trunk of the pickup truck with a full sound system, which consists of 6 wonderful speakers. At the same time, the boot has an ice compartment. It holds a large number of glass bottles with beer.

As long as they reach the condition, its passengers and driver will be able to listen to music or also dance, because next to them there will be a real disco on wheels.

An additional option is the ability to connect the TV to the sound package. So the pickup can also turn into a movie theater on wheels.

19. Innovations in the ford gt-150 Raptor Toyota Tacoma TRD

At first glance, this may seem unusual, but companies such as Ford and Toyota have similar developments. Now so called internal bypass-shock absorbers are cheap on both models of these companies. They have significantly improved the performance of off-road vehicles. This development was created by Fox for Ford F-150 Raptor and Toyota Tacoma TRD.

In particular, it allows you to mix, dampen the shock response of the shock-absorbing spring while the jeep is moving on the dirt road.

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20. The torque from Buick and GMC Arcadia

The development of torque vectoring is not new for high-performance machines. But it is difficult and expensive to apply it over the top, so it has not become widespread. Imagine that the rear axle of Buick, and GMC Arcadia have a uniform torque. Of course, this will revolutionise the segment of crossovers and SUVs.

In general, this development pursues one single goal – to reduce the non-specialized speed in the wheels with the proper power of torque, which is transmitted to the outer part of the wheel. That’s why the driver will feel completely safe, besides moving on the highway in bad weather. As he without troubles will be able to keep the car in the set trajectory of movement.