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20 Innovative technologies used in trucks and SUVs – part 1
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The latest safety technology on crossovers and SUVs

1. Night vision from “BMW” with pedestrian recognition function

Not to mention the fact that BMW has been using night pedestrian detection and vision for a couple of years now, the latest version of this technology is more ergonomic. at the moment it is equipped with both SUVs and crossovers. In particular, it applies proven methods, with its help, the driver can react to the transformation of traffic conditions at night in time.

A special set in the infrared spectrum captures a person or animal in the dark, after which it transmits a signal to the headlights, and those for their part light up the object recognized by it on the road. Of course, this development is not inexpensive, and yet year after year it is made cheaper for motorists.

2. A bird’s-eye view of the Volvo…

The Swedish company Volvo is traditionally considered a pioneer in the introduction and development of innovative developments. Especially those that are responsible for its passengers and driver safety. One of the latest innovations from the Swedes is the bird’s-eye view function.

The owner has a third, eagle’s eye to make the car look as if it were a bird’s eye. Thanks to this technology, the motorist can detect obstacles in advance, which are waiting for him in the front rows, so he does not need to always check the so-called “blind areas”. As for parking in a confined space, this procedure with the development of “Eagle’s eye” is much easier.

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3. Android-auto

Many car models are currently equipped with this function. Google was involved in its development, creating a smartphone that can be integrated with the car. In other words, car enthusiasts will be able to play music in the car, turn on the GPS card on the display, use iHeart radio, and manage the second applications with the help of a cell phone.

This development opens up unlimited possibilities for the driver and simplifies his life. Using a smartphone, he can soon manage the infotainment system of the car. By the way, for SUVs and trucks not equipped with the same development, there are special elements that will help to create this set.

But not all models and makes of cars support them.

4. Ford F-150 Pro for the trailer

For the vast majority of drivers driving the trailer, the most difficult maneuver is reverse. It is not a country, because a trailer is not a part of the car, but a separate element that is only attached to it. Therefore, it repeats moving the car with some delay. But development of company Ford has considerably simplified life for drivers of trailers.

Using special handles, they will be able to guide the trailer in the direction they need.

5. The Carplay function on iOS

The Carplay option is developed by Apple. It allows for full integration of the iPhone with the vehicle’s infotainment system. With its help, owners of cars, SUVs and trucks will be able to comfortably use navigation programs and music applications of the car. To do this, you only need to have an iPhone.

And the smartphone does not need to be the latest model, it is enough to install the firmware version 7.1.

As with the whole Android-auto, the Carplay option can be used to equip SUVs and trucks that were not initially equipped with such a system. In addition, the development from Apple gives motorists access to iBooks, different maps, music library, Spotify and CBS radio.

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6. Chevrolet with wireless network access

Chevy’s company offered its admirers a pleasant surprise. It gave them the opportunity to activate in the car a wireless network connection via LTE and 4G protocols. Only those drivers who buy the latest Chevrole cars, trucks and SUVs will be able to use this feature.

By the way, up to 7 devices can be connected to wireless Internet in the car.

In addition, Chevrole wi-fi supports Netflix. In addition, it provides access to second multimedia programs. Using wireless internet, their passengers and car enthusiasts will be able to download various infotainment applications for the car on the road. This is very comfortable, as there is no need to visit a car dealer to make the firmware of the whole set or download updates.

Moreover, Chevrolet offers drivers different rates for wireless internet.

7. GPS temperature control

Owners of SUVs and trucks will undoubtedly love the innovative combination that allows you to regulate the temperature in the cabin using satellite data. Roughly speaking, it’s the same climate control, but more efficient. This set functions according to the following scheme: first, it communicates with the nearest GPS satellites, determines the position of the car relative to the sun.

After that, special sensors located throughout the interior of the car begin to regulate the temperature. For example, on the shady side, the population will warm up the air more intensively, but on the sunny side – more moderately.

The air conditioning in the car: cleaning and disinfection.

Not paying attention to the fact that the set of GPS temperature control was presented to the public a couple of years ago, it will start to be completed with trucks and SUVs, which will descend from the conveyor this year.

8. The dynamic ride from Bentley Bentayga

Everyone is used to Bentley producing only machines. But every rule has an exception. A good example is the Bentley Bentayga jeep. But this car is notable not only for the fact that it has the badge of a famous luxury car manufacturer – it is equipped with the development of dynamic driving.

Each of the wheels of the jeep is equipped with a special stabilizer. While the car is moving along a crossroads, individual shock absorbers are always compressed, so the body of the SUV is always in an uneven position. So, the development from Bentley transmits some power to the wheels and smoothes the body of the jeep.

Needless to say, it slows down the ride, but if the driver wants to accelerate, he can turn it off. So, the torque of the wheels will increase and the jeep will go faster.

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9. Mercedes-Benz’s Parktronic

At this point in time, there’s not a lot of people you can hit as a parktronic. But Mercedes-Benz went further and improved this development by equipping it with SUVs and trucks. Drivers who activate the parktronic function from Mercedes-Benz will soon be able to identify places that may be suitable for parking. In addition, the combination shows the required direction to the wheels, while the car passes by free parking spaces.

It is indispensable when parking in spaces well forced by cars.

Parallel Parking: Full explanation + video

The Mercedes-Benz parking lot uses 4 ultrasonic echo sensors, which are located at the front and behind the car. As the driver of the car gets too close to an obstacle, they immediately warn him of the danger.

10. Moderate high beam headlights from Volvo

A lot of accidents happen at night, while one driver blinds the other with high beam. As the blinded motorist becomes disoriented, it is difficult for him to maintain his past position on the highway. Unfortunately, there are cases like this.

At the same time, in many countries the highways are made too narrow, which aggravates the problem. The driver simply has no additional manoeuvring space left.

But I guess Volvo has found the answer. It has equipped some models with a special design. When the combination detects a vehicle moving towards it, it immediately reduces the brightness of high beam.

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